• Ubuntu 10.04 login ekrāna fona nomaiņa

    -log out
    -at the log in screen press CTRL+Alt+F1,
    -enter user name and password
    export DISPLAY=:0.0
    -press enter
    -sudo -u gdm gnome-control-center
    -press enter, expect errors,
    -when terminal output stops press CTRL+Alt+F8

    The Gnome Control Center should appear (it looks exactly the same as Appearance preferences from the Gnome Desktop, but , it relates to the login screen in this case.)
    In Appearance
    -choose Add and pick a new background, (or browse to one if it's in a different folder)
    -close Gnome Control Center,
    -press CTRL+Alt+F1
    -at the terminal cursor type code:
    sudo reboot